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Author:George Washington DeLong From Wikisource Jump to: navigation , search ← Author Index: De George Washington DeLong (1844–1881) sister projects : Wikipedia article , Commons gallery . United States Navy officer and explorer. Member of the USS Jeanette's

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Landwehr's sister; Mrs. Putnam, who was also Mr. Landwehr's sister; Mr. Trenkamp; and Mr. William DeLong , an accountant. Prior to the events in question, Holland employed approximately 8500 persons and maintained 400 branch sales offices located in 43 states. The volume of sales had declined | 2011/2/24 10:15:28

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JONATHAN EDWARDS was born at Windsor, Connecticut, in 1703. He belonged, unlike his great contemporary Franklin in this, to the “Brahmin families” of America, his father being a distinguished graduate of Harvard and a minister of high standing, his mother being the daughter of Solomon Stoddard | 2012/4/13 20:10:20

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By 1850 the village of Flushing, situated at the head of Flushing Bay and facing Long Island Sound, had already passed its 200th year of existence and had become populous and wealthy. Located only six miles from New York City and endowed with many scenic advantages, Flushing had already become | 2011/2/26 12:38:32

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and explored some of the upper courses of the Yukon and Mackenzie rivers; in 1880 accompanied the DeLong search expedition to the Arctic, and in 1903-04 traveled in the Caucasus, Siberia, Manchuria, Japan, India, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand. He has written much for newspapers and periodicals | 2011/2/26 9:16:32

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Discovery revealed that billions of files are shared across peer-to-peer networks each month. Respondents are aware that users employ their software primarily to download copyrighted files, although the decentralized networks do not reveal which files are copied, and when. Respondents have | 2011/5/13 12:18:10