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generally referred to as mediation in other countries. In collaborative law or collaborative divorce , each party has an attorney who facilitates the resolution process within specifically contracted terms. The parties reach agreement with support of the attorneys (who are trained in the | 2011/8/31 6:54:49

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The ages of consent in North America for sexual activity vary by jurisdiction. The age of consent in Canada is 16 and all US states set their limits between 16 and 18. The ages of consent in the countries of Central America range from 15 to 18. The age of consent in Mexico is complex

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In justice and law , house arrest (also called home confinement , home detention , or electronic monitoring ) is a measure by which a person is confined by the authorities to his or her residence . Travel is usually restricted, if allowed at all. House arrest is a lenient alternative to | 2011/9/24 9:48:19

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A videoconference or video conference (also known as a videoteleconference ) is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. It has also been called 'visual collaboration' and

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A cue stick (or simply cue , more specifically pool cue , snooker cue , or billiards cue ), is an item of sporting equipment essential to the games of pool , snooker and carom billiards . It is used to strike a ball , usually the cue ball . Cues are tapered sticks, typically about 58 inches

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several centuries. Denmark-Norway nonetheless claimed the territory, and, after centuries of no contact between the Norse Greenlanders and their Scandinavian brethren, it was feared that the Greenlanders had lapsed back into paganism ; so a missionary expedition was sent out to reinstate

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The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) is an income tax imposed by the United States federal government on individuals, corporations , estates , and trusts . AMT is imposed at a nearly flat rate on an adjusted amount of taxable income above a certain threshold (exemption). This exemption is substantially | 2011/10/1 4:42:38

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transcend the simple purchase-exchange process with a customer to make more meaningful and richer contact by providing a more holistic, personalized purchase, and uses the experience to create stronger ties. According to Liam Alvey, [ 1 ] relationship marketing can be applied when there | 2011/10/1 5:47:03

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welds to the gold. If corrosion occurs, it occurs on the outside of the wire, not on the gas-tight contact where oxygen cannot penetrate to form oxides. A correctly designed wire-wrap tool applies up to twenty tons of force per square inch on each joint. Wire wrap was used for assembly of

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A solar cell (also called photovoltaic cell or photoelectric cell ) is a solid state electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect . Assemblies of cells used to make solar modules which are used to capture energy from sunlight