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1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Base-Ball print that page

side. In the act of pitching, which is throwing either over or underhand, he must keep one foot in contact with a white plate, called the pitcher's plate, 24 in. long and 6 in. wide, placed 60.5 ft. from the back of the home-base. Before 1875 the pitcher was obliged to deliver the ball with | 2012/4/17 22:52:42

The Romance of Lust/Volume 4 print that page

Jane--Ann--Mrs. Nichols--The Benson, the Egerton, and the Count--Ann, the Nichols, and MacCallum--Aunt, Uncle, Harry, the Frankland and the De Grandvits--Carl--The Count--The Frankland I concluded my last volume by saying that I had taken lodgings in Norfolk Street, Strand, for the convenience | 2011/2/26 17:50:26

The German Element in the War of American Independence/4 General John Kalb print that page

Verga gentil di picciola gramigna. The noble scion of ignoble seed. Dante , Purgatorio , xiv. On the 29th of June, 1721, John Kalb, the child of Hans Kalb and Margaret, his wife, peasants, was born in the German town of Hüttendorf. On the 19th of August, 1780, Major-General Baron | 2011/2/26 10:09:59

Our Mutual Friend/Book 2/Chapter 2 print that page

The person of the house, doll's dressmaker and manufacturer of ornamental pincushions and pen-wipers, sat in her quaint little low arm-chair, singing in the dark, until Lizzie came back. The person of the house had attained that dignity while yet of very tender years indeed, through being the | 2012/4/15 4:17:25

Journey to Centauri print that page

Contents (c)1998 Firaxis Games, Inc. All rights reserved. Journey to Centauri : Episode 1 "Captain." Shapes. Shadows, hovering over him. A sense of threat, darkness eclipsing his vision, and the distant sound of warning klaxons. He tried to lift his hands and could not, tried to speak and | 2011/2/25 4:03:35

A Library Primer print that page

A Library Primer John Cotton Dana Third Edition Library Bureau, Chicago 1903 Copyright, 1899, by Library Bureau To Samuel S. Green, William I. Fletcher, and Charles A. Cutter Contents 1 PREFACE 2 CONTENTS 3 CHAPTER I: The beginnings--Library law 4 CHAPTER II: Preliminary | 2008/4/28 21:26:19

Survivals and New Arrivals: The Old and New Enemies of the Catholic Church/Chapter IV print that page

While the Faith is engaged in its main modern battle with the positive forces of Nationalism and Anti-Clericalism, the negative force of intellectual decline, those who are to be our next antagonists, after these are spent, wait in reserve: they will conduct the attack in the near future. | 2011/3/30 6:16:22

The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda/Volume 8/Lectures And Discourses/Women Of India print that page

and my occupation as a preacher, continuously travelling from one place to another and coming in contact with all grades of society --(and women, even in northern India, where they do not appear before men, in many places would break this law for religion and would come to hear us preach and | 2012/4/16 11:57:34

Mutual Aid a Factor of Evolution/Chapter VIII print that page

Labour-unions grown after the destruction of the guilds by the State. Their struggles. Mutual Aid in strikes. Co-operation. Free associations for various purposes. Self-sacrifice. Countless societies for combined action under all possible aspects. Mutual Aid in slum-life. Personal aid. When | 2012/4/17 10:15:25

International Religious Freedom Report 2007 - Israel and the Occupied Territories (Annex) print that page

places of worship and religious shrines in the Occupied Territories. The U.S. Government had no contact with the previous PA governments led by Hamas and was unable to discuss religious freedom problems with the PA as part of its overall policy to promote human rights. The U.S. Government | 2012/4/16 16:31:44