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Griffin designed the lake with many geometric motifs, so that the axes of his design lined up with natural geographical landmarks in the area. However, government authorities changed his original plans and no substantial work was completed before he left Australia in 1920. His scheme remained

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The Acton Peninsula is located on the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin , in the centre of Canberra , the capital of Australia. It was created when the lake was artificially built by damming the Molonglo River and excavating around it to create the desired shape. The Royal Canberra | 2010/9/24 19:02:43

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The Canberra Yacht Club was formed in 1959 in anticipation of the creation of Lake Burley Griffin in the centre of Canberra , which happened in the 1960s. It is located on the shore in the suburb of Yarralumla Its members have competed in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race . [1] [ edit ]

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The National Museum of Australia was formally established by the National Museum of Australia Act 1980 . The National Museum preserves and interprets Australia's social history, exploring the key issues, people and events that have shaped the nation. It did not have a permanent home until

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The Royal Canberra Hospital implosion was a failed building implosion with lethal consequences. The implosion occurred on 13 July 1997, when the city's superseded hospital buildings at Acton Peninsula on Lake Burley Griffin (that formerly constituted the Royal Canberra Hospital ) were | 2010/9/26 20:36:06

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In 1912, Dr. W. Perrin Norris, Commonwealth Director of Quarantine and medical adviser to the Commonwealth, recommended that a Government hospital be built on a 10 acre site at Acton which had been reserved for this purpose, with separate facilities for isolation. This was in immediate response

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The Immigration Bridge was a proposed footbridge in Canberra , the capital of Australia. It was proposed that it be built between the National Museum of Australia and Lennox Gardens on the south shore of the West Basin of Lake Burley Griffin , in the centre of the city. The non-profit | 2010/9/25 19:22:16

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The park in its current condition was established with the filling of Lake Burley Griffin in the 1960s; however the park's history is much older, as it was part of the original Royal Canberra Golf course which is now underneath the lake. The part of the golf course which had not been flooded

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The University House is also listed as a heritage site by ANU, the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and the Government of Australia and is a nominee for heritage listing by the National Trust of Australia . [ 1 ] Currently, the University House hosts various functions, a faculty

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The John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCMSR) is a major biomedical research centre in Australia, and part of the Australian National University , Canberra . The school was founded in 1948, as a result of the vision of Australian Nobel Laureate Sir Howard Florey and Prime Minister John