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India, uniquely then amongst developing markets, had a record industry in the Gramophone Company of India (an RCA/HMV/EMI subsidiary), and LPs , EPs , and 45rpm records were freely available, including those of rock and roll acts from the USA and Britain, but also of contemporary pioneering

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The site of Canberra was selected for the location of the nation's capital in 1908 as a compromise between rivals Sydney and Melbourne, Australia's two largest cities . It is unusual among Australian cities, being an entirely planned city . Following an international contest for the city's

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As of 2008, Bangor is the third most-populous city in Maine, as it has been for more than a century. The population of the city was 35,473 at the 2010 census . The population of the Bangor Metropolitan Statistical Area is around 148,000. The population of the five-county area (Penobscot, Piscataquis

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In general, freedom of speech is considered an integral American value, as protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution . This freedom, though fundamental, has also been accompanied since its enshrinement with contest and controversy. For instance, restraints increased

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There is evidence that the eastern side of the River Wyre was occupied during the Danish invasions of the 9th and 10th centuries, and by the time of the Domesday Book in 1086, the land on which Fleetwood now stands was part of the Hundred of Amounderness . A manor house at present-day

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The Choctaw (alternatively spelled Chahta , Chactas , Chato , Tchakta , Chocktaw , and Chactaw ) are a Native American people originally from the Southeastern United States ( Mississippi , Florida , Alabama , and Louisiana ). The Choctaw language belongs to the Muskogean linguistic group

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insulated brackets, typically at intervals of 10 feet (3.0 metres) or so. The trains have metal contact blocks called "shoes" which make contact with the conductor rail. The traction current is returned to the generating station through the running rails. The conductor rail is usually made

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The culture of New York City is the city's size and variety. Many American movements first emerged in the city. The Harlem Renaissance established the African-American in the United States, while American modern dance developed in New York in the early 20th century. The city was the top

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The Newcastle part of the name derives from being the location of a 'new' castle , built in the 12th century. [ 4 ] The "Lyme" section could refer to the Lyme Brook or the extensive lime forests that covered the area in mediæval period . [ 4 ] 1100s-1800s Newcastle is not mentioned in

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An atomic clock is a clock that uses an electronic transition frequency in the microwave , optical , or ultraviolet region [ 2 ] of the electromagnetic spectrum of atoms as a frequency standard for its timekeeping element. Atomic clocks are the most accurate time and frequency standards