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person, compulsive and stubborn , obsessed with neatness and accuracy , supposedly from not having progressed beyond the anal stage . Please don't touch his furniture, as he can get very anal about things like that. ( entomology , of a vein ) proximate to the thorax Synonyms [ edit

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think ahead so as not to be unprepared. At an earlier time. He paid his rent ahead . Having progressed more. In all of his classes Jack was ahead . Antonyms [ edit ] ( nautical ) astern behind Hyponyms [ edit ] straight ahead Derived terms [ edit ] ahead-of-time

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From French avalanche , from Franco-Provençal (Savoy) avalançhe , blend of aval ( “ downhill ” ) and standard lavençhe , from Vulgar Latin *labanka (compare Occitan lavanca , Italian valanga ), of uncertain origin, perhaps an alteration of Late Latin lābīna ( “ landslide

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and leading to higher rates of alcoholism and suicide, particularly in writers (Andreasen 1987; DeLong & Aldershof, 1988; Jamison, 1986, 1995). 2005 , Robert H. Coombs (editor), Family Therapy Review: Preparing for Comprehensive and Licensing Examinations , Since many childhood depressions

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Villa 1 - 2 West Brom”, in BBC Sport ‎ [1] : West Brom enjoyed more possession as the half progressed and were handed a penalty of their own in the 21st minute in bizarre circumstances. Usage notes [ edit ] The more and most forms are the most common comparative and superlative forms

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several young men put themselves under my tuition, and although I had never been taught myself, they progressed finely in their studies and I soon brought out, not only the best field music, but also for dinners, balls, cotilion and tea parties, weddings, &c. THRILLING SKETCH OF THE LIFE